Kloudlite - a One click console for your code to cloud journey

Upgrade your development and deployment by merging efficient DevOps, scalable cloud infrastructure, and continuous optimization into a seamless, productive workflow


Cloud-native at the core

Flexible & Cost Effective Kubernetes Cluster Management with simple and user-friendly interface

  • Cloud agnostic
  • Spot fleet
  • GPU enabled nodes
  • Auto scalable nodepools
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NoOps development

Self-Serve environments crafted for development, staging & production workloads

  • Ephemeral workspaces
  • Scalable environments
  • Secure VPN for remote local
  • Automated backing services
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Simply build and deploy

Cloud accelerated build system and container registry to build and ship containers anywhere

  • Integrated container registry
  • Auto build & deploy
  • Major repo integrations
  • Optimized building processes
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We understand because we've been there too

So, we meticulously engineered our platform to provide you the below benefits

Auto - Provision
Run Anywhere
Enhanced Application Security
Collaborative Environments
Comprehensive Monitoring and Insights
Plug your own CICDs and Observability
Streamlined Application Development
Cost - Efficient Resource Management
Platform Engineers
Faster Deployment
Flexible Autoscaling
Developer Centric
Reduce Development Inner loop
Simplified Infrastructure Management
Build system for faster deployments
Declarative Infrastructure, Projects, and Maintenance
Effective and Efficient Development Process
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Tap into our extensive collection of resources and guides tailored to help you navigate around platform

InfraOpsDive in to set up your InfraOps effortlessly
DevOpsExplore the DevOps APIs to build your app
DistributionAccess the resources to ensure a smooth build

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